Jun 18, 2008

cooking without oil

Reading an article about solar cookers, recently, I caught myself being skeptical. Waiting 3 hours for food to cook? Would a well-angled box covered in tinfoil really get hot enough? I was sipping my tea and thinking "no way." My sun tea. Newsflash, self! Tea brewed in a jar in the sun is solar cooking.

Pause, challenge own assumptions, consider giving it a try.

If sunshine is strong enough to bring health, burn your skin, power your home, turn whole fields of sunflower faces toward itself, of course it can cook food. Forget police barriers, sometimes I have to get over my own.

*Picture courtesy of the fabulous You Grow Girl.

**Hearsay Warning: I grew up in the desert and always heard a story about a woman who was drunk from an all-nighter, and passed out by her pool. She was so dehydrated and her alcohol level so high that she essentially boiled, and died. Now, it may be a dusty urban myth, but you have to admit it's an awesome story, and a fine example of the power of the sun.

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