Jun 14, 2008


The cherries are almost ripe, and I've lost my list. I'm a major listmaker, and last years' list that recorded the number of cherries, of apples, of figs that our trees brought is LOST. The only comfort: this years' cherry count = too many to count! They're out there ripening right now, mmmmm. Planting this and other small fruiting trees has been incredibly satisfying. Both the birds and I have been watching the ripening process closely, and we might have a little struggle regarding who gets more of the fruit once it is ready. There are gardeners in town who put nylon stockings over their ripening melons to keep birds and bugs away, making them look like bank robber heads. I cruise by their house just to see the muskmelon "heads" on the fence each year.

It's too early to report on the figs, and the birds are still claiming some of the emerging apples: the count won't be final for months. The mulberries and wild strawberries are abundant, as usual. Newly planted, and for next years' count: elderberries, wolfberries, cranberries, and ligonberries. Yee haw.

Oh, and the eulogy, the plum is officially dead. Too much shade.

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abovegroundpool said...

yo, you oughta know (cuz i didn't) that if you decide to share your cherry harvest with the birds, "too many to count" quickly becomes a couple of handfuls. now, there were bennies: the amazing number and variety of birds who visited this little puff of a cherry tree was phenomenol viewing. better than tv! still, i'm sad the once abundant cherries are gone. my reward: the discovery of wild blackberries growing in the yard. yummmm.