Jun 16, 2008


Today was the day. We moved into this house from Brooklyn four and a half years ago. In the garage at the time was an old reel mower. I wanted to refurb it, but it was too rusted out, wood rotted, etc., and I was told it wasn't worth all the replacement parts and work it needed. Alas, with a yard of grass and neighbors who glare when it grows wild, we settled for what we could afford: an old $20 gas mower at a yard sale.

After 4 summers of struggling with that stinky, noisy thing, I mowed the lawn today with a quiet, non-polluting mower.

I know some of you out there are saying, "A lawn! Any real environmentalist would have rid of that silliness by now." We have a big yard, growing lots of edibles and I'm continuously planting perennials (edible and otherwise). And I haven't had the money or time to pull up all that grass. When I do, the priority will be pulling up the nasty asphalt driveway. The lawn stays for now!

The reel mower feels like a good solid step in the right direction. The neighbors are already giving me looks.

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