Jul 25, 2008

activism on wheels

Erin Davies had a rainbow sticker on her car, which "inspired" someone to vandalize it with spraypaint, writing "fag" and "u r gay." Instead of having it cleaned, she took a road trip in the fagbug to talk about hate crimes, meeting with the lovers and families of murdered queers, talking to high school groups, talking to anyone who was interested or angered.

She had some interesting experiences on the road, with both letters of support and hate mail left under her wipers, her windows being smashed, multiple people trying to clean off the writing themselves, and constant parking issues, since nobody wanted to deal with the slurs.

She's now made a documentary of her trip, and is working on a book. If you're interested, check out more of her story, her photos, and her press coverage on fagbug.com.

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