Jul 16, 2008

the sound of long island

Ran away camping and to the beach for a few days, which was wonderful and relaxing. There's always something to jar you out the peacefulness, however, whether it be another camper killing squirrels and birds with a bb gun in the campground (right there, in a state park!), fisherpeople hooking and killing fish, and leaving their hooks and line lying around to injure anyone else who comes by, or people removing rocks from the beach by the barrel full (are they selling them to Pier 1?).

Checking out the area yielded some charm, and we stumbled upon two of those old structures that are shaped like what they sell. The first was a duck, thankfully now selling trinkets instead of ducks and eggs, and the second, the more benign ear of corn. People on Long Island take their gardens seriously, and there were many, many beautiful outdoor spaces. There was the pleasure of living simply for a few days. And, of course, there was the never ending lulling of the beautiful ocean.

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