Jul 28, 2008

spice grrrrlz

Radical Cheerleaders, originally uploaded by ispilledmytea.

Anyone who thinks that activists are dry, boring, unhappy, or talk too much hasn't yet come across Radical Cheerleaders. They show up at demos 'round the world in crazy coordinated outfits and with garbage bag pom poms. They're fat and old and queer and political and raunchy, nothing like your high school cheerleaders*! What's not to love?

As with Food Not Bombs, anyone anywhere can start a Rad Cheerleading troupe, write lyrics, and spice up your neighborhood demo. What are you waiting for?

*I do confess, I have fond memories of my high school's "Mat Maids," the problematic name for the wrestling cheerleaders. They sat at the edge of the mats and pounded out rhythms on the mat with their hands. The chants weren't interesting, but the gals were skilled in pounding out complicated and catchy beats—I was fascinated.

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