Oct 5, 2008

kid hating

"I understand there are a lot of bad parents out there whose children do not ever see limits imposed on their behavior and they run wild in the streets, drenched in the blood of the infidels and burning the villages in their wake, waving sticky hands in the air and drooling from their sticky mouths, spilling every cup in sight."
My friend Josh over at Vegan Metal Bike Dad Punk Blog has been opining about kids and bigots, in short, that if you say you "hate kids" that you are very definitely a bigot. Not cool, not cutting edge, not well-informed-about-overpopulation, and not more of an adult yourself.

I appreciate it when people know they won't make a good parent, or a good babysitter, even, but of course that's very different than hating kids. VMBDP's examples of people snubbing his daughter at public gatherings, etc. are outrageous, but somehow believable, since I've heard this sentiment expressed too. Try out these responses to a child's presence instead:
  • "That tantrum voice is hard on the ears, small fry."
  • "I hate that I don't fit on and therefore can't borrow your bicycle/tricycle."
  • "You're awfully short and my neck doesn't bend right anymore, so can I sit and you stand while we converse?"
  • "Thanks for coming to the demo."
After dealing with your discomfort with those that are different than you (your issue!), know that kids are important to all our struggles. They are deserving of your respect. Go get 'em with your sticky hands, Ruby!

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