Oct 31, 2008

no more tricks

As much as Derrick Jensen tells me hope is the wrong way to go about things, I still find myself hoping.

As centrist as I know Obama is, as much as I know about his pro-Israel stance, as convinced as I am that he's going to attack Pakistan, I still get swept up in this emotional current, this excitement that something could be different. That a black person (albeit, still a straight, rich, christian, man) with a non anglicized name could be president of the U.S. That he might remember all the little people, improve health care, extend care to the environment, and generally be less of a capitalist scuz. I hope. And I plan to push him, with your help. I prefer to dismantle our government from the bottom, but could still use someone a little less evil on top.

Happy halloween, and happy end to our scary regime! Here's hoping.

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