Oct 24, 2008

queers bash back

I had a long blog entry written about self-defense, about armed resistance, about organized armed resistance, the IRA, the PLO, the Shining Path. And others who aren't considered "terrorists" anymore, who are now called "freedom fighters" and recognized as relevant in liberation struggles, like armed resistors of apartheid. It depends on who you ask, and their distance or investment. I initially intended to post the piece with some IRA prisoner art from the seventies.

I've lost that piece of writing, but wish I had it to post today. Today I read about the two men (one disabled) murdered in their home in Indianapolis after suffering months of harassment for daring to be gay men. And I also read about the forming of new groups of trannies and other queers called Bash Back around the U.S. (Not an armed group, for the record, but invoking the right of fighting back.)

Self defense is not considered an option in queer bashing cases (see the New Jersey 4). Some people who actually hear about the cases (even with the lack of reportage) are sickened by it. Many others are more sickened by us, inferring that we deserve to be hurt, to be murdered. It is why I think I understand the need for armed resistance. Why I can't judge. Why I won't call people terrorists who appropriate some of the government's (or other attacker's) tactics when fighting back.


Anonymous said...

And of course behaving like fascist hooligans in a church will improve the general public opinion about queers right?

abovegroundpool said...

The action that "anonymous" is referring to is covered here: http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20081110151844185

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

I don't support anyone being fascist, but definitely support acting like hooligans in some churches. "Ex-gay" ministries are directly responsible for many suicides, and those deaths, not to mention those living made miserable by "ex-gay" preaching, are directly attributable to church run programs. I do believe, yes, that these lives are worth disrupting a service. It's okay to have some discomfort, some inconvenience, but not okay to denounce someone to eternal damnation based on whether they're straight or gay or whatever else.

Queers have a right to live regardless of what the "general public opinion" of them is. "Ex-gay" ministries are incredibly destructive, however, manipulating people's desire to do good, to be good, into something truly ugly.

For another historic church demonstration, see the Act Up Stop the Church! action at St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIDS_Coalition_to_Unleash_Power#.22Stop_the_Church.22

Anonymous said...

Is the website story pasted below true? If so, then our society has not come very far...When a discrimination is present on BOTH sides and anger taken out on innocent people without regard, then we have not progressed. We cannot put blanket assumptions on either side whether they be Christians/religious people or on others who believe differently. I don't agree with extreme radicals who have harmed or humiliated others no matter what side they are on. God bless you, love you, and may he bring peace to our land.