Dec 26, 2008


Okay, so the apron is cute, but the fact that eco and animal activists are being considered terrorists is not so cute. That those concerned with the earth and animals are the "#1 domestic terrorism threat" according to the FBI is downright absurd. Sound like fiction? Read all about it at Green Is The New Red.

Activists sent to prison two years ago were the first convicted under (relatively) new legislation to crack down on environmental and animal advocates. In early January, SHAC7's appeal is scheduled, with the first chance in years to expose the cracks in the case built against them, as well as the chance to show the vagueness and unconstitutionality of the laws passed to protect animal enterprise. Unfortunately, the "justice" system being what it is, we won't know for months the tangible outcome of the appeal. But we will know if SHAC's lawyers have been able to reveal this sham case and the sham laws used to prosecute it for the first amendment violation that they are.

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