Dec 14, 2008


Here in the Hudson Valley we experienced, this week, the craziest wind storm I've ever been through in my life. Twelve straight hours of howling and whipping high winds, falling trees, flying roof tiles, and miserable looking birds. Then it poured rain for a full (warm) day, and the temperature dropped in a matter of hours, causing a huge ice storm, and all the associated ice-covered glittering trees, lack of electricity, and ice storm damage.

Today, it's still freezing but with a clear blue sky, super sunny. At the park were a huge mass of crows (or ravens, I still can't tell them apart!), so thick and so many that they covered the grass. I was standing there wishing I had the camera, and an ice-covered tree fell and knocked down the power lines. Huge pop, and all the crows flew away, one big black cloud.

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