Jan 22, 2009

water of the season

I'm obsessed with water. And right now, when I encounter the (crazy!) thick river ice every day, I'm also obsessed with spring. I went back today and reread some cycle of life writing to help convince myself everything's not dead out there. After all, that white stuff has been hanging around for a while now, and is dirty and frozen and unwelcoming. For this same reason, I was glad to receive the 20x200 newsletter, with this super summer photo through a wet screen by Matt Tischler. We've all seen lots of underwater photo shots, but here's some steam, fog and ice to keep you paying attention.

Rain by Matt Tischler, steam by Charmante, fog by Alingham, and ice by BB Photoworks.

If you aren't familiar, 20x200 is one of those "cheap art" deals. It's not out and out activism, but important nonetheless, cuz it keeps art accessible.

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