Feb 15, 2009

broke, eating meat

Will all this joblessness make people finally break down and grow veggies for dinner and collect rainwater off their roofs, or will it just make people hold up convenience stores with guns? (You know how sometimes crises make people deal with things they've long been putting off? Of course, some people just shut down and go ballistic.)

This goes out to all those people who don't go vegetarian because they don't give a crap about animals, or are "sympathetic" to animals but think they are superior to them. The Matt & Nat blog has a nice list for those who don't care about animals but do care about the environment (as if keeping those things exclusive of one-another is possible!). For those who need a non-veg source, here's the the facts & figures from a non-veg chef. There are the world poverty reasons to eat less meat. Then there are the environmental racism reasons, or concern for workers.

Yeah, yeah, there's health, too, but people seem to care about that as little as they care about animals. (Here's an article that puts them all together, just in case you do care about all these things. Enjoy your fresher food and your fresher water, even if you haven't got a nickel in your pocket!)

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