Feb 28, 2009


OH YEEAH! Big Saturday Night: I went to church. Well, a concert in a church.

I can't really explain what possessed me, except that I liked this sign, and I'd been curious about the church architecturally. It was built in 1725, was used as a prison during the revolutionary war, has a really old cemetery in the yard, and has a little preaching perch out front, on the street, with stairs to climb up to it.

The bells were amusing enough. I thought they'd be played by seniors, but it was a whole group (what do you call them, a band?) of teens. I got to sit in the balcony, on the organ bench, under all the big organ pipes, and check out the building relatively undisturbed. But then, there was a trick. The bells ended, and a teen choir started singed "God is in control." I got out quick.

There is one thing I miss about church, and that is that even the people with the bad voices get to sing. But clearly there's a lot I don't miss. Glad to have made it out unscathed.

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