Feb 6, 2009

deer, dear

I've been lucky. In all my driving years I've never hit an animal. This may be due to the obsessively slow and white knuckled approach to the open road, or maybe the alert whistles hooked up to the battery. Today, my commuter train struck a deer on the way to work. The conductor obsessively announced the condition of each of the train's mechanical parts, but no report on the deer. May she have died quickly, without pain or fear.

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Anonymous said...

I understand this experience totally. I too have certain driving bahaviours that keep me off the Australian roads when animals are most active, and I drive really slowly. I see alot of kangaroos, wombats, echidnas and the like on the side of the roads, and I can hope that they died as quickly and peacefully as possible. The main line in Australia when and animal is hit with a vehicle is "Did it do much damage?" It makes me sad. Thanks for the post. Sasha