Feb 22, 2009

gender boot

Some things just don't need genders assigned to them. It irks me that short haircuts cost more for women than long hair haircuts cost for men. There's no reason that my last trip to Paris should have been filled with people chasing us down going "femme, femme" and pointing across the street. God forbid a woman consider purchasing men's clothes. I think, too, that people are more freaked out when you don't look particularly girly, but they suspect you might be a woman. It's like they have to defend something. If you look straight-ish, they can be comforted in the idea that you're trying to accomplish the Gap's much beloved "boyfriend look."

Sadly, it's not limited to Paris. Yesterday in New Paltz (the name of which drives my Dutch friend crazy, "It's New Platz, New PLATZ!" she protests) another, not-Dutch friend was challenged for trying on a "men's" shoe. This is in an outdoor sports store, where you think the guys working there are going to be a little laid back. But no. He insinuated that the shoe wouldn't fit because it was a men's shoe. I'm just not convinced. What kind of shoes or clothes do you suggest trannies wear?

While I'm being irked, can I just say that little kids shoes are always nicer and brighter than adult shoes? Another wild injustice!

Photo courtesy of Eartha Kitsch, who, as a bonus, also has a picture of a possum. Possums are becoming a leitmotif.

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