Mar 29, 2009

feelin' it

Spring is finally happening. Thank drag queens! (I can't walk around saying "thank god" anymore. Occasionally "thank the goddesses" works, but an unbeliever really needs to expand their repertoire.)

When I went outside this morning, it was foggy and rainy and warm. All sorts of springy things are finally starting to happen, and that was the exact recipe for an insanely happy me. My morning coffee wander included expanses of sprouts, vibrant green moss, a pileated red headed woodpecker, elderberry buds that look like animal paws, the first forsythia blossoms, a groundhog just emerging from her hole, and the discovery that the radishes I planted-too-early-but just-couldn't-stop-myself had sprouted under their protective victorian bells.

Tonight, thunder and heavy rain and crrraaazzzy lightning. Welcome to delicious, dramatic weather and amazing plants and animals. Welcome spring!


Anonymous said...

i know!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! That's all. Just had to share my springtime joy. My ramp forager dude says he should have some any day now! WE MADE IT! Thank drag queens indeed.

abovegroundpool said...

I have yet to find my own ramps, but am on the lookout this year. This place is littered with other wild spring onions though!