Mar 16, 2009

a show of strength

Ah yes, I complain about Chronogram, but it did introduce me to the river photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood. I love a good political print, but have also become obsessed with the river, the river fog, and the sounds the river ice makes when the tide rises and falls. It's terrifying, amazing. Good for humbling a person.

I met a woman in Hudson who used to walk across the frozen river to work making handbags on the other side. Really, she said, they ran, because the cracking terrified them. She didn't ever hear of any of "the girls" falling through.


Anonymous said...

I do a barter with the publisher of Chronogram (ads for meals!) and the experience has really made me adore Chronogram. I used to be a little "meh" about it, but I really think they are trying (and mostly succeeding) to put out a quality lefty, arty, thought-provoking journal in a super super hard climate for such things. Sorry to sound like a Chronogram booster, but I'm so happy they are there!

I have a LOT of qualms with Inside Out though, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I advertised in them initially because I was proud to have a GLBT-ish paper in the HV, then one day they got all straight! WTF! Now it's just a yuppie mag to me.

abovegroundpool said...

Boost away! I had a little exchange with Jason Stern (who seems lovely) about them refusing tobacco ad money going forward, even when that tobacco is organic and additive-free. That's nice to see. The fact is that several pieces of info have stuck with my from C, and that means something. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't complain about those endless ads...

I'm with you on Inside Out. (What homos come up with these terrible names?) Like you, I had a moment of being impressed that enough gays in the HV got their act together to put out a mag. But then it's all real estate and blah blah. Sitting in pretty country houses painted sage with designer furniture and exotic babies, hoping to get married on vacation. No wonder you can't tell its gay, they look so much like their surroundings. I haven't picked it up in years probably, so I don't even know where all that venom is coming from. I just need something real to read, and gays in chinos bore me.

I do sometimes enjoy the low-budge and crotchety HV Green Times, which doesn't even have a website to reference here.