Jun 26, 2009

teardrops, raindrops, drops dropping

It has rained every day for a month, and with all that's going on in Iran, I'm feeling a bit down or drowned or something underwater and suffocating. Thank goodness for last night's dance party to all the Michael Jackson music played on the radio commemorating the death of the King of Pop. Dancing to "Ain't No Sunshine." Maybe someday the sun will come back. But then again, rain = the new normal for the northeast under global warming. And things on the news aren't getting better.

Images lovingly borrowed from all over the web: heartfish, Miss Natalie, Newburgh's Door Sixteen, Dropp by Elisabeth Dunker, bookhou, One fine day, and creepy silicone breast implant people.

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Filipa said...

See it with your own eyes, it’s amazing.