Aug 17, 2008

abovegroundpool merit badges

I was a girl scout for many years, and loved it. I knew some of the stuff we did was goofy (endless lanyard making, kissing the bishop's ring, weird rituals involving bridges over tinfoil ponds and reciting oaths while making extra-terrestial hand gestures). But I got to go camping a lot, make crafts, and earn merit badges. I'm not even a Virgo, but merit badges were an obsession. I had to have as many as possible to fill up my vest and sash. I thought boy scouts were cooler, since they got to do hardcore outdoor survival stuff, but I was still happy to be a scout.

This explains the box covered in rainbow unicorn stickers, filled with merit badges. The god's eyes I got rid of, the badges I kept.

I know how conservative scouting organizations are in the U.S. I realize that gender indoctrination is part of the package, christianity is assumed, and non-white participation is minute. They're also responsible for my ability to throw a clay pot, to build a good fire, and for my stash of embroidered patches.

I thought I'd finally put these babies to good use, and give them as awards to those doing great things in the world. Check the merit badges label to see all awards given. Write me or comment to nominate a person or group or action that you think deserves a badge of merit.

Photo courtesy of The House of Kent.

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