Aug 17, 2008

merit badge - model citizens

abovegroundpool's very first badge of merit, what the scouts call the "model citizen," goes to....


lefty lawyers Susan Tipograph and Lynne Stewart.

Susan and Lynn are both radical activists, both having worked their lawerly magic in the same building in lower Manhattan for many years. They are both criminal defense lawyers who have always represented the poor and political prisoners, Lynne Stewart having been disbarred in the hysteria over "aiding terrorists." Susan, of course, worked on Lynne's defense team.

Some notable clients have been Black Liberation Army prisoners; Puerto Rican nationalists; former members of the Weather Underground; Renata Hill, one of the black New Jersey lesbians imprisoned for defending themselves against a homophobic attack; Tabitha Walrond, accused of murder when her breast-fed infant died of malnutrition; Sherman Austin, anarchist webmaster; and yours truly.

Susan and Lynne, we can't even express how grateful we all are to have had you on our side. We know it hasn't been easy. To you we give our greatest respect.

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