Aug 21, 2008


A new documentary film called Terrorist - SHAC 7 has just released their trailer. It's unspeakably sad to have to watch a movie preview to see the faces of friends for the first time in two years, since they're imprisoned in federal prisons spanning the country.

I've closely watched this and other green scare cases unfold, but there's so many details that I'm excited to learn more, to see this film. Hopefully the movie will expose how obscene these indictments have been, how dangerous it is to fling around the word "terrorist", and make clear why everyone should support those prosecuted under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act (and to resist the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act).

There are many places to learn all about the SHAC 7 case, the new wave of government-induced fear, and other imprisoned eco-activists. I won't even try and explain what's happening in a quickie way. It's dramatic, and detailed, and deserves more attention. It's ruining lives. Hopefully those resisting the attack on dissent will save many more.

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