Aug 7, 2008

grow my art and sculpt my bush

A few of my favorite things are coming together at P.S.1: art, architecture, activism, and food. Public Farm One is on view through September 15th. It's an urban farm created in cardboard, compost-able containers, meant to educate New Yorkers about the possibilities for growing food in the city, even in concrete courtyards in Queens. I haven't been yet, but rumor has there's a water feature (this means POOL to me) and swings.

Several years ago I thoroughly enjoyed the swimming, sunbathing, misting installation outside P.S.1, and I fully intend to visit this show, pluck some eats, and stick my feet in the pool. There's talk of the installation looking like a flying carpet, which I hope I'll understand when I see it.

Tomorrow night (8/8) Michael Pollan (Omnivore's Dilemma) is speaking about "taking the plant's point of view" when considering the environment. Probably just a cute way of pointing out that we all need to be more aware, but potentially interesting.

And a bonus, the Horticultural Society will be exhibiting live plant sculptures in conjunction with the show. Get out your clippers!

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