Aug 10, 2008

recycled reading

used books cat
Used Book Cat, originally uploaded by trp0.

so you live frugally, but can't find the books you really want to read at yardsales. or you live in an urban setting where all the independent bookstores have closed down, and borders seems like it only carries magazines and 20 bestsellers. or you love to read, but don't always know what comes next, and can use a recommendation.

i'm all of the above. which is why i'm a big fan of bookmooch, and why i benefit by convincing you to use the service. it's book trading, just like you do with your friends, but on an international scale, improving your chances of getting to read those small press or rare books you're after.

it's a freecycle, excellent at de-cluttering your life, but focused solely on books. there are other services (library thing, good reads, etc.), but mooch is just about trading, not much else. get on there, and send me your good books!

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